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True Story by Brad J. Boudreau 

by Mike Holmes

True Story by Brad J. Boudreau 

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Café Chat l’Heureux in Montreal is aiming to be the first cat café in North America, based on the kind you tend to see in Japan, You can donate to their Indiegogo campaign to help get them started (and pay for cat caring expenses), or just follow along on Facebook to see how they’re doing.

8 months ago
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Canadian government burns 100+ years of environmental data, books, and public records.






Conservative government closed environmental libraries containing historic environment records. Scientists protest to no avail. Public silent.

Canadians have also fired thousands of scientists, gutted environmental laws, and replaced science posts with oil executives.

Wow this is truly terrifying. A major western government are actually BURNING BOOKS because they ideologically disagree with the science they can be used to help research.

why doesn’t this have more notes? people really don’t give a shit anymore do they

Fuck Harper’s government I’m sick of this shit

but lol canada is so gr8 u guise nothing bad ever happens here we’re so peaceful

(canada is actually incredibly racist and has some major problems going on right now, and this argument is used by canadians to IGNORE what harper and his gov’t are doing so they don’t have to face reality. it makes me sick sometimes)

While I’m on the topic of being furiously angry anyway.

And closing the day with obligatory Russel Peters.

That said and all patriotism aside, today is also a good day to remember the people who have been here since long before we were and who are continuing to get the short end of the stick in just about everything in this country.

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If you haven’t heard the Arrogant Worms before, you should definitely find out what you’re missing.

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Official video for “Oh Canada”, from Classified’s 2009 album ‘Self Explanatory’. Directed by Cazhmere in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Happy Canada Day, eh?

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Next up: Police can now search your unlocked car without a warrant

Friend: yeah encryption gives people a reasonable expectation of privacy :|a which means if your stuff is encrypted then it's private. but passwords don't afford the same security.
and that's super nifty that apple can't do it themselves actually.
Mirth: Wonder if the law's the same on that in Canada. I'd assume so but.
Friend: idk you guys might be better.
our laws just haven't caught up with technology.
it's actually super frustrating.
Mirth: Considering the general state of technology in our government I am going to guess that no we are not even remotely better.
They can't even figure out websites.
Friend: sob
Mirth: Canada
Canada implements key disclosure by broad interpretation of "existing interception, search and seizure and assistance procedures";[8] in a 1998 statement, Cabinet Minister John Manley explained, "warrants and assistance orders also apply to situations where encryption is encountered — to obtain the decrypted material or decryption keys."[9]
Friend: ...... cry
Mirth: /sigh
Friend: :'(
Mirth: "The Court of Appeal for Ontario has ruled that if a cellphone is not password-protected, police making an arrest can search it without a warrant."
Friend: ............
man even our cops can't do that
Mirth: Welcome to canada \o/

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RIP Stompin’ Tom Connors.

RIP Stompin’ Tom Connors.

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Hacker Tourism: Democracy is hard.


I’m currently sitting on a train in Ottawa on my way home to Toronto.

Literally sitting; the train hasn’t moved in four hours. There’s a blockade of the tracks which is part of a much larger solidarity protest across Canada. Native Canadians are demanding action in the form of access to the basic needs of life such as shelter, food, education and health care in Attawapiskat, an extremely remote First Nation in Northern Ontario.

There’s no question that #idlenomore is a reaction to complex, nuanced issues. The problems are compounded not just by racist ignorance but a general lack of awareness amongst non-Native Canadians. Until these past few weeks and the #idlenomore movement’s mobilization, Native issues were simply not on the minds of most Canadians. It’s no Arab Spring (yet?) but it’s a level of activism that we don’t see often in Canada.

And our Federal leaders? They are being real dicks about it. Our Prime Minister is refusing to meet with Chief Theresa Spence, who is 19 days into a hunger strike.

As for me, I am still holding out hope that my train rolls tonight. In my gut, I think it will. Right now I couldn’t be more comfortable, since I somehow managed to social engineer the VIA Rail folks into letting me into 1st class. There’s one table on this train, and I told them that I didn’t mind the wait but I’d really appreciate using the table to get some work done on my laptop. I’ve been fed and there’s as much wine as I can stomach.

There’s wifi on my train, in addition to things like heat, running water, power outlets and fucking servants. The people blocking my train are standing in sub-zero temperatures in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Attawapiskat.

Not only am I completely fine waiting as long as it takes, I am ashamed to be crossing what is essentially a picket line. What’s going on dishonours my country, and until these people get the support we promised them I consider myself personally on the hook for this “misunderstanding”. It’s not guilt that I feel — I didn’t choose this outcome. What I feel is disgust at how this could have happened just hours from where I live, while I enjoy the full privilege of my Colonial lineage.

Democracy is hard, and I hope it’s there for us all when we’re the ones standing in the cold.


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